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Ball - Antonio Costa and Sporting Celebrations: 'I will never throw stones at anyone' (Politics)

Ball – Antonio Costa and Sporting Celebrations: ‘I will never throw stones at anyone’ (Politics)

On Wednesday, Antonio Costa was present at the General Assembly of the Republic for the usual debate between the government and the deputies. Telmo Correia, of CDS, faced the crowd and violent stances that occurred at the celebrations of the 19th title for Sporting.

“The Minister of Home Affairs has already had the opportunity to make an order, asking the PSP for information on how to formulate the planning with all the entities involved – Sporting, the Lisbon City Council and the General Directorate of Health – and asking for an inquiry about police performance. We all have a sense of passion for football, which I imagine It is compounded by 19 years of waiting.Now, we also realize that, even in countries that we are used to respecting, like the UK, we are also experiencing very tense situations. I will not throw stones at anyone. Not to Sporting, who should only congratulate him on winning the championship, Neither the club fans, nor the police, I will do what any responsible politician would do in these situations: wait for information and facts to remove political responsibilities.

It is noteworthy that Tuesday night witnessed some clashes between supporters of Sporting and the police. First near the Alvalade stadium, then at the Marques de Pombal roundabout, waiting for the team to arrive.

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