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Ball - "Arteta doesn't know how to deal with great players, he just wants kids who don't talk" (Chelsea)

Ball – “Arteta doesn’t know how to deal with great players, he just wants kids who don’t talk” (Chelsea)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang did not miss an opportunity to criticize former Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, saying the Spaniard cannot coach big names, which is why he only recruits youngsters into the squad.

It is noteworthy that the Gabonese, who is now in Chelsea, left Arsenal after four years in the market last winter after disagreements with Arteta, after he was transferred to Barcelona at that time.

The two worked together for two seasons, but the past few months have been one of their biggest feuds, with even Aubameyang losing his captain.

Speaking to the podcast of jewelry brand A Jewlers, the player mentioned the process of leaving for Barcelona. “They called my dad. We knew the coach, Xavi Hernandez, and then he called himself to say he had a chance for me, that he knew my problems at Arsenal; and I said ‘OK’. They don’t answer, just listen ”, he criticized, who spent only six months in Catalonia, having moved to Chelsea due to financial difficulties in Barcelona.

Chelsea and Arsenal meet at the beginning of November, so the coach-player reunion can be…very cold.

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