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BALL - Balneario "triste" became "happy" because of Francisco, "neighborhood player" (Belenenses SAD)

BALL – Balneario “triste” became “happy” because of Francisco, “neighborhood player” (Belenenses SAD)

Betty, Belençes Sade’s coach, spoke of the last-minute victory over Gilles Vicente.

“A few days ago, I found the resort sad because of the goal [do Sporting] It ends and today I find the resort happy. Football is unpredictable. Gilles Vicente was fine. The first half had few chances. In the second half, we changed a bit and managed to score on a steady ball. We reacted well and lowered the lines a little, Gilles Vicente had many opportunities and we were happy. We had a wonderful nine days. We are close to our goal and the first places, “he said.

The two teams were left tied with 31 points. “Anxiety is normal in football. In the match against Marítimo and today, against two teams fighting to get out of the annoyance of the table, we scored the goal, and we felt that we were not in control of the match, we forced the opponent to make mistakes and try to benefit. From transfers to score the goal, which is what happened. Gilles Vicente had many chances to achieve the goal 2-1, it was much better in terms of chances, but football is like this, ”he said, and maintenance is almost guaranteed:

“We are working game after game. We always have this ambition, we have 34 points and we want to live up. We will continue to work, but we must be focused. Today, we have taken an important step and realize what we can improve.

Francisco Teixeira [marcador do 2-1] He is a live player, disrespectful, not afraid to take on 1×1 and he brings different things to the team. He hasn’t had a chance yet to play the title, but I’m happy, because he’s a different player than we have here and he’s working on it. Today, years ago, he was happy to sign. He is a wonderful child. »

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