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Ball - “Being a champion in Luz is not the same in another court, it takes on a special taste” (FC Porto)

Ball – “Being a champion in Luz is not the same in another court, it takes on a special taste” (FC Porto)

After a fantastic season at Paços de Ferreira, Josué returned to FC Porto committed to victory, not least because he had his own season as coach Paulo Fonseca, who relaunched him in the furniture capital. He was 22 years old and had a prosperous future ahead of him. We were in 2013/14, the midfielder played in 35 games, scored 5 goals and provided 10 assists, a very valuable income due to a failed season for the Dragons team. Lopetegui came and everything changed… Jose ended up on loan to the Bursapor Turks.

Away from Dragão since then, he returned to Portugal in 2015/2016 and helped steal the Portuguese Cup from FC Porto, scoring in the final in Jamor for SC Braga. Despite distances and circumstances, Invicta’s love for the club has been going strong since Warsaw, and Sérgio Conceição brought him back to the Blue and White cause.

“Maybe I could be in Porto, maybe not! I don’t think much about the past. What should have happened. Now that it’s my team, that is. I was very happy with the title,” he admits.

I have already told Yuri Ribeiro, my colleague here in Legia, that we are going to celebrate in Luz. He couldn’t believe it. Rafael Lopez also warned that his father is a big fan of Nfica. Being a champion in Luz is not the same thing as in another stadium, it has a special taste. When FC Porto lost in Braga, I realized that was fate. Here you are the only one who celebrates! And in what way,” says José, expressing his admiration for Sérgio Conceição’s passionate affair regarding the return of mystery.

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“It wasn’t a little, he brought everything back! I look very proud. NFC Porto is doing really well, they have a great team, they drive very well and they have great players. Sergio feels the club and feels what it’s like to be Porto. He said this, but they did not know or imagine the meaning. He transmitted it since his arrival, “He shoots.

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