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Ball - "Benfica insists on treating its fans like fools" (Sporting)

Ball – “Benfica insists on treating its fans like fools” (Sporting)

As usual on Monday, Miguel Braga, Communications Director for Lions, appeared yesterday on Raio-X, on Sporting TV, addressing some of the current topics. Like, for example, the importance of the return of the lion to the Champions League. But Benfica’s reaction to the referee’s action in the match with Gil Vicente was also commented on by this referee.

“If a goal is not achieved, a statement must be made and this year it was to complain about arbitration. In other years it was about something else, this is about refereeing. It is my opinion, for what it is worth, but for me, the strategy that insists week after week, sport after As for the sport, treating its fans like fools is simply pathetic. It is pathetic that Benfica is insisting on this fight against VAR, because it is against the global trend,” he said.

“I heard it some time ago, go online and you can easily hear a former referee commentator on Benfica TV saying very badly about VAR, which is killing the passion for football. And saying some atrocities about a tool that came to prevent the creation of injustice. Nobody is saying it’s a perfect tool and doesn’t need improvement, even I find it strange that when Sporting held a webinar with international guests they talked about the need for VAR voices to be known because it helps people understand, rationalize and understand the rationale for decisions. Enlightening people should be a good thing, VAR is a great tool. ideal? no! Should we all be working to improve it? Remarkably! Criticizing her every week for hiding our mistakes seems to me simply pathetic,” he added.

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