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Ball - "Benfica is like Bayern" (Benfica)

Ball – “Benfica is like Bayern” (Benfica)

German midfielder Julian Weigl, who is preparing to start his third season at Benfica, has compared FC Luz with Bayern, the most famous club in the Bundesliga.

“In Portugal, Benfica is really like Bayern Munich. We depend a lot on the results,” the 25-year-old said during an interview with a German podcast, highlighting the influence of social media. I can get a nice picture to post, but if I do it the day after the defeat, I’ll have a lot of critics.”

He continued by analogy: “They say the Germans are very obsessed with football, but I often feel the same way with the people who live at the club here in Lisbon. For them everything is Benfica. So if all goes well… that’s for the best. If things go wrong, we expect something severe in the training center or in the players’ homes.”

Weigl also highlighted the unexpected progress in learning Portuguese thanks to… Jorge Jesus: “I may not use grammar very well, but it was impossible to understand everything before. Now, I don’t need a translator. Jesus does not speak English, which helped me.” Indeed. Between me and Waldschmidt, there is an assistant who translates everything into English. If I do not understand something, it will be even in that language.”

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