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Ball - «Benfica?  It is an opportunity to compete in the league against the champions’ team.” (Aruka)

Ball – «Benfica? It is an opportunity to compete in the league against the champions’ team.” (Aruka)

Armando Evangelista confirmed that the Aroca players recovered from the defeat against Estoril, at the beginning of the league, and that they are excited about the duel on Saturday (18 hours) with Benfica, referring to the second round.

“We didn’t have the start we wanted, but the players are aware of the opportunity to compete in the league against the champions team. In these games the motivation is not affected. We work well in terms of spirit. We want to show our value in these games so that they look at Arroca with respect, we don’t want them To look at us as a poor partner in the league. With this impulse we will face this match,” he said in the match preview at Estádio da Luz.

“We will find Benfica very strong, we know that we will have to suffer, to work hard, to be a team in the truest sense of the word. But we will not run away from who we are and our way of thinking about the game”, he added.

After visiting Luz, Arauca, who this year returned to the top level of Portuguese football, met FC Porto, also away, in the fourth round, and in the eighth round they host the champion Sporting. Demanding schedule Armando Evangelista sees “an opportunity, not a problem”.

“Facing the top three from last season is an added difficulty, but we have to look at it as a learning moment so we can grow as a team and apply our individual and collective strength.”

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The coach also confirmed that Anthony is still waiting for the international certification that will allow him to join the league and therefore will not be an option for the match against Benfica, as Yao Musa is the only athlete who has been handed over to the club’s clinical department. On the other hand, Joao Basso returns to the options after serving his sentence.

On the subject of reinforcements, Armando Evangelista addressed the question: “I want to focus on the players who are here, we have prepared with them and we are going to this match. I don’t want to think about who might arrive. It was these that gave us good results last season and the possibility of being in the league. Let’s focus on those here, who deserve the utmost respect.”