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Ball - Benfica thrash Sporting Na Luz (roller hockey)

Ball – Benfica thrash Sporting Na Luz (roller hockey)

Benfica greeted and beat Sporting 5-1 on coach Alejandro Dominguez’s return to Pavelhao Fidelidad, who he left at the end of the disputed 2020/21 season, to now return as leader of Segunda’s ringside neighbor, in the derby. From the second round of the championship scoreboard.

Although Sporting opened the scoring, through Tony Perez (21 m), in the only goal that counts in the first half, Benfica was always closer to scoring, facing strong opposition from goalkeeper Angelo Girao. This superiority came to fruition in the second half, as Benfica, with greater possession of the ball, relied on their personalities to upset the balance of the derby, namely Pablo Alvarez, who equalized and then put the team in front (26 and 32 m), followed by Neil Roca (33 and 41 AD) and Lucas Ordonez (47 AD).

Here is the game movie:

50′: End of the game in Luz.

48′: Benfica goal 5-1! Lucas Ordonez scored the fifth goal for the Eagles.

43′: Ferran line warning (Sporting)

42′: The tenth mistake from Benfica. Ferran Font (Sporting) did not hit the goal.

42′: Benfica goal 4-1! Neil Rocca allowed Angelo Girao’s first save, but later succeeded in it.

42′: Sporting’s 15th mistake, Benfica’s free kick.

35′: Nicolia slipped the ball into Sporting’s goal, but a foul was called.

34′: Benfica goal 3-1! Neil Roca shoots the diagonal on the left side and shoots towards the goal.

33 ‘: Benfica goal 2-1! Benfica benefits from a numerical advantage, as Nicolia comes on the right side and finds Pablo Alvarez in the far corner.

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31 ‘: Oral warning for Gonzalo Pinto (Benfica).

31′: Angelo Girao (Sporting) saves a free kick from Pablo Alvarez.

30 minutes: Tony Perez blue card (Sporting)

26′: Benfica goal 1-1! A great technical move by Pablo Alvarez sent the ball between the opponent’s legs and shot it into the net.

20.51 hours: Start Part Two!

25 minutes: time lapse in lightWhere the goal of the Spaniard Tony Perez made the difference in favor of the Lions.

25′: Angelo Girao saves a free kick for Carlos Nicola after a free kick for Sporting Ten.

22′: Sports goal 1-0! From close range, Tony Perez makes a precise turn after a pass from Gonzalo Romero and opens the scoring.

10′: The timeout requested by Nuno Resende.

8′: Chances are in both goals but the mark hasn’t moved yet.

1′: The match begins in Luz.

The beginning of the fives:

Benfica: Pedro Henrique, Edo Lamas, Pablo Alvarez, Neil Roca and Roberto de Benedetto

Sporting: Angelo Giirao, Alessandro Verona, Matias Plateero, Gonzalo Romero, Tony Perez

19:50: Referees: Joachim Pinto, Joao Catrapona and Sergio Silva.