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Ball - “Benfica was looking to hire Darwin” (Benfica)

Ball – “Benfica was looking to hire Darwin” (Benfica)

Benfica does well in prospecting and “had a good eye on hiring Darwin”. Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez said so, answering A BOLA’s question in the preliminary video conference for World Cup qualifying matches with Colombia (8th), Argentina (11) and Brazil (15th).

“Darwin Nunez is living his best moment since his arrival at Benfica, how would you rate his development and the match against Barcelona?” That was the question the 74-year-old coach answered. “Darwin started making contact with international football in youth teams. At a time on this path, especially since the World Cup that was held in Poland [sub-20 em 2019], began to stand out, went to Spanish football, to Almeria, developed and went to Benfica, who had a very good eye to hire a promising player, Tabarez said, adding: “Young talent must be confirmed as follows: the demand for competition increases, it must Be prepared for that and I think Darwin showed that. Recently he had injury problems that kept him out of the possibility of being the undisputed holder of Benfica, he played with problems but that was resolved with the intervention of the club’s medical department and he is now fine. I saw that well but he He really came here, scored goals in the first team,” he said.

Finally, Tabarez left to indicate that he would use Darwin: “He has always been on our list and I hope that when he has to play, which is likely, since we have to manage very well and not only have 11 players for three. matches, at a level similar to what I showed in Portugal.”

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