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Ball - Brazil's Rui Pedro Braz can speed up defense reinforcements (Benfica)

Ball – Brazil’s Rui Pedro Braz can speed up defense reinforcements (Benfica)

The entry of liquidity into Luz’s coffers after the millionaire’s move from Darwin Nunez to Liverpool, in a deal worth 75 million euros, allowed Eagle to speed up priority operations in terms of strengthening the team that Roger Schmidt will receive on his orders. Also, over the next few weeks, bring in more clear outlines in terms of consolidating other positions in the team that at the moment don’t have broad outlines of great importance, but goals are already set. This is exactly the context that involves hiring another central defender.

The sector, at the moment, is full of Lucas Verissimo, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Morato and Thomas Araujo, but the former still has to complete the long recovery process from the serious injury he suffered in his right knee last season, and with the international players. The Argentine and the Belgian, aged 34 and 35, respectively, with an increasingly shorter shelf life, it is natural that Roger Schmidt would like a faster replacement in the central hub, and in this sense the file for Joao Victor, Corinthians defender from The age is 23 years old, may have developments in the near future.

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