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Ball - Bruno Fernandes accused of being 'worst teammate': Here's the answer (Manchester United)

Ball – Bruno Fernandes accused of being ‘worst teammate’: Here’s the answer (Manchester United)

Bruno Fernandes spoke to Eleven Sports on the eve of Monday’s derby with Liverpool at Old Trafford in the Premier League, and recently faced criticism from Gabriel Agbonlahor.

First remember what the former England international had to say. “Bruno Fernandes has good numbers but he is the worst teammate. When he or the player loses the ball, he raises his arms toward his teammates or off the bench. I played with players like him…presses from time to time. If it was Pogba, everyone would have slaughtered him daily. Fernandez always gets away with it. Did you see him do something? It’s easy to talk about Maguire, Cristiano, Rashford or Sancho, but I don’t remember Bruno Fernandes’ last decent match. He’s always the one waving his arms, even when he loses the ball. He can pass you offside and still blame you. This is the type of player.”

Here’s Bruno Fernandez’s answer: “It’s not something that worries me too much because I’m sure my teammates don’t have that opinion. He never played with me, he doesn’t know how I am. What reassures me is that two days ago someone called Juan Mata, the world champion, told me that I was one of the best people he met in football and asked me to continue like this, to be myself. I’m boring, because I’m too demanding of myself, but it’s my character.”

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