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Ball - Captain Manu symbolizes revolution (Fairense)

Ball – Captain Manu symbolizes revolution (Fairense)

Feirense was satisfied, but did not win. Rui Ferreira lost to Covilhã in a match in which they completely controlled all the stats: 24 vs 7 in shots, 60% vs 40% in ball possession, 9 vs 3 in corners and 109 vs 36 in dangerous attacks. Rui Ferreira’s team lacked more efficiency…

But from Saturday’s game, a clear match again emerged: the youth of the team that will attack the new season. With only three players over the age of 24, Ferencé has two former Under-19 players who made their professional debuts (Manu and Vargas), a central player who played in the Revelation League (Claudio Silva) and three other players who have worked in them. Portugal Championship (Sydney, Telles and Thiago Dias).

A new reality dictates a longer adjustment period, knowing that the competition has already begun and that the results will also be accurate.

House silver is also back in the SAD bet. Joao Pinto (21 years old) made his debut as captain in the League Cup, against Famalicao, and Manu (20 years only) wore the captain’s armband in the last minutes with Covila. The latter, a former player in the squad, is a defensive midfielder who served as a central defender, in the line of three established by Rui Ferreira for 2021/22.

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