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Ball - Cesar Peixoto wants to "annoy" his friend Ruben (Pacos de Ferreira)

Ball – Cesar Peixoto wants to “annoy” his friend Ruben (Pacos de Ferreira)

In a pre-match press conference against Sporting, Pachos de Ferreira coach Cesar Peixoto is naturally anticipating a tough game, while playing his “friend” Ruben Amorim.

“Robben has done a great job, we want to piss him off, I’m relieved he was my teammate, but, yeah, we go in there to try and piss them off with the same competitive attitude as always and try to bring something up and announce that even though we’re a bit quieter in the rankings, we’re going to be a little bit cool. That this has not been resolved.”

When asked which player he would pick from Sporting for Sunday’s duel, Cesar Peixotto did not hesitate: “Paulinho. He is a very important player in Sporting’s strategy, with and without the ball, he sets the tone for pressure, very smart, strong in diagonals and I agree with Robben, he is a very important player in Sporting.”

In addition to suspended Luis Carlos (9 yellow cards in the league), Cesar Peixoto will not be able to count on Denilson in the Alvalade duel, as the beaver’s top scorer (6 goals in the tournament) was conditional this morning and could not. Recovering from a muscle problem. For his place in the call-up, Ednilson, the regular starting striker for Paços de Ferreira’s Under-19 side, enters.

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