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Ball - «Champion on the couch?  The best celebration in the stadium » (FC Porto)

Ball – «Champion on the couch? The best celebration in the stadium » (FC Porto)

In the preview conference for Monday’s match against SC Braga, in the local stadium, the so-called Pedreira, Sérgio Conceição kicked into the corner the possibility of the Dragons being champions, if they win in Minho and Sporting not score in Estádio de Besa against Boavista match also scheduled for Monday.

“We need four points to be champions, but for me there are four games left. And the next is the most important. We are at a time in the tournament where teams are looking to unite goals, so we have no room for error. We will face a very difficult opponent who has had an exceptional European campaign. He insisted: There are four matches that require maximum demand and we are focusing on SC Braga, not the match against Sporting,” he began by pointing, and continued:

“We could be champions on the couch, but I’d rather party on the field,” he added, later asking what the Dragons would have triumphed in the past five years if he hadn’t been in charge of the Blues and the Whites.

“I don’t know what will happen, I am a Catholic, but I do not have the gift of divination. It could have been better, it could have been worse… This question is difficult to answer. However, I am sure that we took this project with ambition and respect for its winning position. For this club. If we are superior to anyone else? At the end of the tournament, I answer,” he concluded.