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Ball - changes in discipline, refereeing and competitions (league)

Ball – changes in discipline, refereeing and competitions (league)

Today, in the General Assembly, the Association’s Board of Directors presents proposals for discussion and approval of amendments to the competition, discipline and arbitration regulations. They are, from a league perspective, subtle changes that improve the rules and respond to clubs’ concerns. They touched on several topics such as next season’s League Cup, dematerialization of tickets, security, summary disciplinary measures and the implementation of video refereeing in League 2.

The criminal discipline framework (DR), which has been tightened in recent years, will not change as the Board recognizes that there is a balance between speed in resolving cases and safeguards for defendants. However, there will be changes to the disciplinary rules. The council suggests, in summary procedures, in which litigation is easier and more flexible, because it is based on the assumption of the correctness of those who report (governors, delegates or police), the Committee of Coaches (CI) and the Disciplinary Council (CD) are more complete in their reasoning. This means that the CI and CD will have to indicate which element the defendant has violated in the description of the report. There will be a duty to provide useful reasons for respecting the defendant’s guarantees and to promote transparency.

Also with respect to RD, and in response to the league and club’s weekly concern, the CI and CD will, upon request, indicate when the penalty will come into play. The measure was launched last season, unofficially, and now serves as an official link, allowing doubts to be cleared when a player is given a pre-emptive suspension for a few days and then punished with suspension matches.

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Video Assistant Referee in League 2
The proposals submitted open the door to introducing VAR into La Liga 2. La Liga and the federation are working on an agreement, which has not yet been formalized, but the new regulation, if approved, would allow the technology to be used in the 2022/2023 season. The solution is to change the refereeing regulations which creates the possibility of VAR and AVAR being assigned to Liga 2 matches.

Uniform qualifiers
The league proposes unifying the rules for the play-off matches between teams from Liga 1 and Liga 2 and teams from Liga 2 and Liga 3. Thus, in both matches, according to UEFA standards, a greater number of away goals in the event of an aggregate tie. Extra time will be played and there will be penalties if necessary. The lottery will determine which team will play first at home.

In order to enhance security and information exchange between the game’s promoters and organizers, the League Council proposes a security meeting for Level 1 games (in which security directors from visiting and visiting clubs, league, PSP or GNR, civil protection and fire departments, civil protection and fire departments) will take place a week before the meeting and not just on the day the meeting. This will, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, allow for a better exchange of information and organization, particularly in the movement of supporters or meeting places, or other related issues. On match day, an hour before kick-off, there will be an information update meeting.

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The association wants to ramp up regulations for ticketing, which were scattered in the previous regulation. It takes a step towards the physicalization of tickets. The exchange of tickets will be immaterial, i.e. ticket lists will not be sent to visiting clubs. Once the immaterial tickets are received, the visiting club will be able to sell them through various digital platforms (email, apps, mobile) or at ticket offices (printed). The proposal includes an escape valve, next season, for clubs that do not have the means to respect the new rules, but the clubs visited will pay for the printing of tickets for the visiting club, if they are unable to send them. digitally.

League Cup
A highly valued event by the Board of Directors, it will undergo changes through a transitional rule, as a result of the World Cup being held in Qatar. You will play in the group stage and three knockout matches (Quarter-finals, Semi-Finals and Finals). The first stage will consist of eight groups (teams from Liga 1 and Liga 2, excluding teams B): the best eight groups of Liga 1 topping the groups; The remaining teams are distributed in a row by groups. The group stage takes place between November 18 and December 17. The fourth final continues and takes place from December 20-23.