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Ball - Chiquinho Conde: “Chalana brought fantasy to Portuguese football” (Benfica)

Ball – Chiquinho Conde: “Chalana brought fantasy to Portuguese football” (Benfica)

In the 199/91 season, current Mozambican coach Chichinio Conde was Chalana’s teammate at Belenenses, when he was already in the waning phase of his career, after his brilliance at Benfica and a short stint with Bordeaux.

Chicinio Conde, who at that time was in his third season in the service of the Cruz de Cristo team, said that he was surprised by the disappearance of one of the best Portuguese footballers of all time and remembers with enthusiasm the passing of the little genius. To one of the historical clubs in Portuguese football.

“I was happy to meet Chalana in the 1990/91 season at Belenenses. Chalana was personally known as Benfica’s idol. For me, he was a genius, bringing fantasy to Portuguese football, although when he arrived in Belenenses, after returning from Bordeaux and Benfica, and after undergoing many surgeries, he lost much of his quality. However, there was always the pride of a humble, brilliant, hardworking and excellent professional man, who passed on knowledge every day”, emphasized Chiquinho Conde, moving.

“It was great to see him play and perform, especially individually, both in training and in play, of course without the same speed as before. It was, without a doubt, a wonderful and rewarding moment at a certain stage of my career in Portugal”, he added.

In exclusive statements to A BOLA, Cchinio Conde sent his condolences to the family: “I received the news with great sadness and panic. In addition to being a Portuguese football genius, he was a brilliant and down-to-earth professional who left a great legacy. I sadly realize that I see a man who represents an era in leaving Portuguese football. Send my condolences to the family. Well done, Chalana. “

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