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Ball - Courtois throws himself at UEFA: "Just think about the money" (Belgium)

Ball – Courtois throws himself at UEFA: “Just think about the money” (Belgium)

Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, speaking unfiltered after the defeat to Italy, in the match to award the third and fourth places in the Nations League.

The 29-year-old goalkeeper started his speech to Sky, before adding: “This match is extra money for UEFA, we have to be honest.” If these selections were in the final, others would have been playable. It shows that we play a lot of games.”

He continued: “UEFA has created another competition, the Conference League. It is more than the same. They may get annoyed when other teams want a premium league, but for the players it doesn’t matter. They (UEFA) only think about money.”

The criticism extends to FIFA: “It’s bad that you don’t talk about players. Now they want to do in Europe and the world every year. How much rest will we rest? Never! We are not robots. There are more and more games, less rest for players and no one cares. “

“Next year we have the world championship in November and we will finish the season in June again. There will be injuries. Three weeks of vacation is not enough for players who are competing at the highest level for 12 months,” he said, before he finished: “If we remain silent it will remain the same Always “.

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