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Cristiano Ronaldo consegue pleno em Itália, repetindo Inglaterra e Espanha

Ball – Cristiano Ronaldo scores in Italy, repeating England and Spain (sport)

The Portuguese international footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, completed the entire internal conquests in Italy today, repeating what he did in England and Spain, with Juventus winning in the “Cup” Cup final, over Atalanta.

After winning everything in England, with three wins in the Premier League, one in the FA Cup, another in the Super Cup and two in the League Cup, by Manchester United (2003/09) and Spain, where he scored two goals in the Premier League. La Liga, Copa del Rey and Real Madrid Super Cup (2009/18), Ronaldo has already achieved this in three seasons at Calcio.

In the 2018/19 season, in his first season with Juventus, the Portuguese won the Italian League and the Super Cup, and in 2019/20 he repeated the championship victory, and nowadays, after losing the main championship, he has now joined the Coppa Italia. With the Transalpine Cup.

In the first two seasons of the Cup, Juventus fell in the quarter-finals and in the final, losing to Atalanta (0-3 away) and Napoli (2-4 on penalties, after 0-0 in 90 minutes.), Respectively, but is now “taking revenge”. From the Bergamo team.

In England, the Portuguese player snatched the famous FA Cup in the first season (2003/2004), the Premier League Cup in the third season (2005/06), the Premier League in the fourth (2006/07) and the English Super Cup. On the fifth (2007/08).

In the last two seasons of the “Red Devils”, he won two more championships and the Premier League Cup. “Outside the doors”, he also snatched the Champions League in 2007/08 and the Club World Cup in 2008/09.

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Nine years in a row at Real Madrid, and four years was enough to get the most out of him: after wearing white in the first (2008/09), he won the Copa del Rey in the second (2009/10), and the Spanish League in the third. (2010/11) and the fourth Super Cup (2012/13), these three achievements led by compatriot Jose Mourinho.

In the last five seasons of “meringue”, Ronaldo has won another Spanish championship, the Copa del Rey and the Super Cup.

Most importantly, the rest: four wins in the “ Champions ”, three more victories in the Club World Cup and two in the European Super Cup, and the top scorer position in the “ biggest ” team in the world, with an impressive record. 451 goals in 438 matches.

After nine years of “meringue”, Ronaldo, now 36, “switched” to Italy, and in three seasons, he already had the complete internal evidence, but did not succeed in the Champions League, with Juventus adding three. Early removal.