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Ball - Cuadrado throws himself at Neymar: "Liar, liar!"  (Colombia)

Ball – Cuadrado throws himself at Neymar: “Liar, liar!” (Colombia)

The high moods at the football match are moments that happen frequently. But the episode between Cuadrado and Neymar, in Wednesday night’s match between Brazil and Colombia, seems to spark curiosity about the association… with the Juventus spa.

In the semi-finals of Euro 2020, which was held between Italy and Spain, central defender Giorgio Chiellini sparked a moment of anger when he addressed Jordi Alba, calling him a “liar” repeatedly, accusing the Spanish defender of falsifying an alleged foul.

The actions of the Juventus defender seem to have passed inside the Vecchia Signora spa, this time to Cuadrado. The Colombian did not like the way Neymar responded to an alleged foul on his part, with the Brazilian falling to the ground and pulling his face.

Cuadrado seemed to have been inspired by his Juventus captain and soon addressed Neymar, exclaiming: “Liar! Liar!”. Tobar, the Chilean referee who officiated the match, was not happy with the way he addressed the Colombian-Brazilian player, after he immediately showed Cuadrado the yellow card, and later asked Neymar to get up and continue the match.

The reprehensible attitude of the Colombian player did not produce larger consequences. The move occurred close to the end of the first half, as the teammates and their technical teams immediately calmed the anger.

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