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Ball - Daniel Neri is the hero of Sergipe (Brazil)

Ball – Daniel Neri is the hero of Sergipe (Brazil)

Another country title for the Portuguese coach Daniel Neri’s curriculum. The third in a row, now ahead of CS Sergipe, after a 1-1 draw, tonight, with Falcon, in the second game of the Sergipano Championship final (in the first match, CS Sergipe had won 2-1).

The 42-year-old Portuguese coach, born in Amarante, was already champion at Pernambuco in 2020 (Salguero AC) and in Maranhão in 2021 (Sampio Correia FC), and is now leading Sergipe to his 37th state title.

Remember, Daniel Neri crossed the Atlantic in 2013 to lead the Porto de Caruaro formation, and from there he moved on to Sport Recife Academy. He also played for the Flamengo team, from Pernambuco, and in 2019 before the Salghero AC Challenge. known success. In front of the Salghero Club, from the back grounds of Pernambuco, Daniel Neri made history and led the club to an unprecedented feat in the state. For the first time in 105 years, a slogan from within the state was able to intervene in the dominance of club conquests in the capital. Also for the first time, a European coach won the Pernambuco State Championship.

Even if he is far from the main centers of Brazilian football, the truth is that Daniel Neri has done well in Brazil. A year ago, as coach of the Sampaio Correia club in the state of Maranhão, he received another state title. The second is in the curriculum. This Saturday he won his third championship in a row…now in Sergipe State.