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Ball - Danny Blind Rocks Solskjaer (England)

Ball – Danny Blind Rocks Solskjaer (England)

Danny Blind, former Ajax glory, assistant to Louis van Gaal in the Dutch national team and father of Daley Blind, ex-Manchester United player and ex-Dutch player, now 31 (signed by Jose Mourinho from Ajax in 2014/15 by €18m), demolished Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , the current coach of the team Red Devils.

What is the identity of this team? What’s the plan? This is what Solskjaer lacks. There is no tactical plan. His team cannot put pressure on opponents like City. You don’t always have to stress, but we don’t see any of that. Everything at United depends on the individual qualities of the players. They have players with that individual quality and that’s how often they get a result for the team. But it was never the result of the team”, noted the former central, who was undoubtedly considered one of the best players in the world, in statements to the English newspaper. Mirror.

“In the last matches it was not so good. United seeks to be the team. Having taken the lead on the scoreboard with Everton, he started waiting for them in midfield and wanted to score in the first half, but that is not enough for a club the size of Manchester United and then you see United eager to turn around at Everton. Restricted, as he almost never created chances again,” Danny Blind noted.

The former captain and European champion of Ajax said: “The results are not good. United lost to Young Boys and West Ham in the League Cup and Aston Villa in the League and they were lucky against Villarreal thanks to Ronaldo’s quality. With Everton, another draw. United’s situation must improve and it can improve.”

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He continues: “Yes, Solskjaer was a hero in Norway, but this is a different level. I know why he stayed longer than the other coaches at United. Because he is the son of the club. Because he scored that legendary goal in 1999 that helped them win the Champions League. But all this Not enough for current production.

He also left advice on how to monetize CR7: “No one will change Cristiano in his thinking and the way he plays. So Solskjaer has to create a style of play for his team where Cristiano can thrive and the team can still put his opponent under pressure. Cristiano is back and scored some goals The task, but his presence in the team requires a different way of thinking tactically. Under normal circumstances, the striker is expected to be the first man to chase the opposing defenders, but Cristiano will move from one defender to another. The team has lost its direction and is not in a confident structure with Ronaldo at the front » .

However, Danny Blind advises against sacking the Norwegian: “Whatever you think of Solskjaer as a coach, this is not the time for a change. United are not far from the top teams in the Premier League. But whoever loses more games than expected, loses.”