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Ball - Darwin is decisive and Liverpool win the Super Cup against Mann.  City (England)

Ball – Darwin is decisive and Liverpool win the Super Cup against Mann. City (England)

In the first major official match of the season, Liverpool overtook Manchester City in the English Super Cup, a match in which Jurgen Klopp’s team was almost always ahead of the opposition, especially on a tactical level, with Thiago Alcantara and Henderson. And Fabinho forms a veritable wall in the midfield, preventing the citizens from circling the ball as much as they like.

The “Reds” team advanced thanks to the Alexander-Arnold goal, which also included the deflection of one of the competitors. Manchester City equalized in the half of the match, in a move that had to be reviewed by the VAR, but the equality did not last long, shortly after Darwin headed towards Ederson’s goal and the ball was deviated in the arm of Robin Dias, which deserved the attention of VAR technology The assistant and their own penalty kick, as Salah did not miscalculate coldly. And Darwin will be the complete elimination of Manchester City’s aspirations, in a vertical skew to 3-1.

Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp are the side that managed to win the title for the first time, the last they have not won so far since coaching the Reds in England. A good way to start the season against one of the biggest rivals in the fight for the Premier League title.

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