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Ball - daughter of Luis Felipe Vieira: seven bank accounts through which millions were traded (Benfica)

Ball – daughter of Luis Felipe Vieira: seven bank accounts through which millions were traded (Benfica)

for magazine Saturday New data was published on the red card operation, regarding the origins of Sarah Vieira, daughter of Luis Felipe Vieira.

“Sara Vieira, a biologist with the NGO Programa Tatô, is interested in the conservation of sea turtles and the sustainable management of coastal ecosystems, in Sao Tome and Principe and Guinea-Bissau, with an annual income of just over 37,000 euros. Financial radiography of the Luis Felipe Vieira family reveals, Conducted by Obrasau Cartau Vermelo investigations, another fact: The daughter of the former president of Benfica has 22 properties in her name, in addition to seven bank accounts she owned in which have been traded in millions of euros in recent years », it can be read.

The same publication also writes: “With Sarah Vieira out of the country, Thiago Vieira and his parents had the ability to transfer the accounts, which, according to the investigation, would serve to distribute the money between the family and the Luis Felipe Vieira company. Only the account that Sarah Vieira owned in ST Galler Kantonalbank was spent 6.2 million euros between 2009 and 2010.” In the same way, the most relevant departures verified later will also be directed to Luis Felipe Vieira, and it is possible to check with care that the donation is descriptive. In a phone call between Luis Filipe Vieira and Sarah, in January 2019, the daughter told her father about the NGO’s funding projects. The then Benfica president said: “Jorge will send the remaining €200,000 … Now when I travel with him I will tell him … Jorge Mendes has not sent it yet, I will talk to him.” Sarah replied: It’s okay, it’s for next season.

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