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Ball - Dybala remembers a phone call and reveals what surprised him in Mourinho (Rome)

Ball – Dybala remembers a phone call and reveals what surprised him in Mourinho (Rome)

Paulo Dybala (former Juventus) admits that it only took a few minutes after speaking to Jose Mourinho to accept Roma’s invitation.

“The last few years at Juventus were not easy, I needed a change. Mourinho called me and it only took me a few minutes to make a decision. He and the project director explained and the desire to continue winning as they did the year before. Being the protagonist in the team helps me a lot. The way The one I greeted with was not normal, I had never experienced anything like this before,” said the Argentine striker ESPN.

The Argentine international also spoke about his relationship with the Portuguese coach: “Working with him is easy. I talk to Mourinho about everything. He knows all the players, from the elite to the bottom. He has a group of people who work with him very well. What struck me about Mourinho is his humility and treating everyone equally. Sometimes it gives a different picture from what we see on the field. I saw him angry too. I am very happy in Rome and when you are happy everything is easier.”

Dybala also explains that the associative mass of Roma is different: “The fans are like the Argentines in terms of passion. They are different from the Juventus environment, like the Argentines. They have a beautiful madness, I feel their affection. For them, Roma is ahead of the family, they live football as we do.”

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