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Ball - Europa League: Benfica win, Sporting beat Aguas Santas (handball)

Ball – Europa League: Benfica win, Sporting beat Aguas Santas (handball)

Benfica was the only one of the three Portuguese clubs competing in the Europa League group stage to win in the third round, with Sporting losing in the last minute and accusing Oguas Santas of their inexperience in European competition.

With coach Chema Rodríguez back on the bench, after serving his suspension, the Reds welcomed the defending champions, defeating the Hungarians from Fejér BÁL-Veszprém in a close Group A match, played at Pavilhão N.º 2 da Luz.

Although the Hungarians entered the game better, the waters really made it into the second half, winning 21-17. The team managed to respond to Veszprém’s many attempts to fight back, and the Reds won 39-35, with Demis Gregoras, who scored seven goals and three assists, earning the man of the match clause that kept Benfica fourth in the group with the same four points as the leader, the Frenchman. From Montpelier HP.

In Group C, where Sporting plays, the score was only at the last second and was not in favor of the Lions, who lost with a score of 21-32 to the visiting Croatian team RK Nexe, the logo played. In the “Final Four” of the European Liga Championship, in May, at the Altice Arena.

The first half came with a score of 22-16. Brothers Martim and Francisco Costa stood out at home with 12 and 10 goals respectively, but Martim still contributed to the goal with an assist. On the Croatian side, Fahrettin Milic was the most accurate with 11 goals on 13 shots. Riccardo Costa’s group takes fourth place.

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Newcomer in the group stage, Águas Santas has so far been unable to find victories in poule D, having added this evening a third defeat, this time against the Danes Skanderborg-Aarhus (25-34).

With Póvoa de Varzim’s wing as a borrowed home, Ricardo Moreira’s men made the usual defensive exchanges and struggled right at the entrance. He fought back, but had already reached the second half and lost 11-17. With seven goals, Afonso Lima, on the Miatos side, and Morten Christensen, both with seven, were the most accurate, but Salah Boutaf, with 15 saves (39% effectiveness), was the match figure.