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Ball - 'Europeans can also be every two years' (FIFA)

Ball – ‘Europeans can also be every two years’ (FIFA)

Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, continues to defend the holding of the World Cup every two years, and in statements to the Italians. Radio Ancho Sport, stated that the European Union could also be held twice a year.

“The World Cup every two years is not a request from me, but from the FIFA Congress, which asked for a study on its feasibility. We did a very serious study and from a sporting point of view it will work, and the economic impact is positive for everyone. Most importantly, it is positive for the protection of the national leagues and for football players Themselves, there will be fewer matches with a rest period in July.There is opposition in Europe but it is a more inclusive form.Europeans can also have the same rhythm,” Infantino said.

Infantino also referred to effective playing time and stressed that this is an aspect that must be analyzed: “I am a traditionalist, because football is a traditional sport, but it is modern, without taboos. One of the biggest problems in our football is that when there is a small mistake, the player stays on the ground and does not move. You can think a little more in real time, it’s not possible that in 90 minutes of the last 47 games. I don’t know if a stopwatch is the answer or not. We welcome anything that can help football.”

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