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Ball - FC Porto

Ball – FC Porto

22 minutes: Brad Tinsley trio. 44-33.

21 min: Brad Tinsley has also transformed and expanded the Dragons’ progression, which is now the game’s biggest lead (eight points). 41 – 33.

21 minutes: Miguel Queiroz scored two more goals. 39-33.

The start of the third half!

The classic did not disappoint and it is intense. It’s not always played well, it’s true, but always with uncertainty on the scoreboard. FC Porto already had two advantages from six points, but Benfica managed to shorten the distances and lost by only four points. Since it must be added, avatars are no longer in the lead since the first period. The Eagles’ last advantage occurred in the ninth minute (17-16).

Everything is open and the second part promises to continue to be very emotional. Not forgetting that FC Porto will have to continue until the end. In case of defeat, remember, dragons Show Eagle nickname.

End of the second half! Porto 37 Benfica 33.

20 minutes: Aaron Broussard, over the century, tick two. 37-33.

20 min: Brad Tinsley from the free throw line converts both throws. 37-31.

20 min: Again from the free-throw line, Max Landis extends the Dragon’s lead. 35-31.

19 min: Max Landis converts from the first free throw line and misses the second. 34-31.

19 min: Joao Pettino Gomez drowns. 33-31.

19 min: Jose Barbosa turns two. 33-29.

18 min: Luis Silva sinks to increase the Dragon’s lead. 33-27.

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17 minutes: Triple by João Soares. 31-27.

17 min: Dennis Clifford from the free throw line converts both. 28-27.

16 minutes: Joao Betino Gomez scored for the Reds. 28-25.

16th minute: Francesco Amarante scores a hat-trick. 28-23.

14th minute: Miguel Queiroz scores again. 25-23.

13th minute: Wendell Lewis tied the match again. 23-23.

12 min: Brad Tinsley hits the first free throw line and misses the second. 23-21.

11 minutes: Ramadan Laban Trilogy. 22-21.

beginning of the second half!

Balanced game despite the slight rise of the Porto team. Note, by the way, that the Dragons do a much better job than they were in Game 2, where, in the first inning, they only had…21 points. In other words, in this first period, Moncho Lopez’s men actually did more than they did in the first half of the last meeting.

The end of the first period! Porto 22 Benfica 18.

10 minutes: Vladislav Wojcieu turns from 2 minutes. 22-18.

10 min: Jose Barbosa, from the free throw line, misses the first and turns the second. 20-18.

10 min: Miguel Queiroz does three times and turns himself. 20-17.

10 min: Miguel Queiroz, from the free throw line, turns the first and misses the second. 17-17.

9 minutes: José Barbosa is successfully launched. 16-17.

9 min: Miguel Queiroz turns under the basket and puts the Dragons in front. 16-15.

8 min: Dennis Clifford, from the free throw line, misses both.

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8 minutes: Mike Morrison to two. 14-15.

8 min: Frank Gaines, converters free throw line. 12-15.

8 minutes: A technical error by Moncho Lopez, coach of FC Porto, due to the protests.

7 min: Joao Betino Gomez goes out again and converts another hat-trick. 12-14.

7 min: Marcus Loncar, from the free throw line, misses the first and turns the second. 12-11.

6 minutes: Frank Gaines goes from three to a tie. 11-11.

6 minutes: Max Landis from the ruthless free throw line. 11-8.

6 min: From the free throw line, Aaron Broussard misses the first and turns the second. 9-8.

5 min: Francisco Amarante has a hot hand and has now made his debut in the outdoor versions. 9-7.

4 minutes: Francisco Amarante converts another inside throw. 6-7.

3 minutes: The first hat-trick of the afternoon comes from the hand of Joao Petinho Gomes. 4-7.

2 minutes: Wendell Lewis also hits back with a big punch. 4-4.

2 minutes: Excellent Mike Morrison drenched and Porto returned to the top. 4-2.

1 min Ivan Almeida, from the free throw line, converts throws and equalizes the match. 2-2.

1 minute: Francisco Amarante opened the scoring at the Dragão Arena with a successful breakthrough. 2-0.

Match start!

Porto Club (first five): Francisco Amarante, Max Landis, Miguel Queiroz, Mike Morrison and Charlon Clough
Fitness Trainer: Moncho Lopez

Benfica (5th base): Frank Gaines, Aaron Broussard, Joao Petinho Gomez, Wendell Lewis and Evan Almeida

Fitness Trainer: Norberto Alves

the reviewer: Luis Lopez, Pedro Maya and Nuno Maciel

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There really is a difference!

Remember that this classic game will be played by the two teams that have won the most national championships in the history of the competition: Benfica (27) and Porto (12).

The Dragons will try to reverse the scenario and will of course want to beat the Reds to shorten the distances and maintain their title aspirations. If the Blues and Whites manage to win this afternoon, they are guaranteed at least the fourth game, which, if that happens, will take place again at the Dragão Arena, on Saturday (15:00).

Remember that in the event of a win, Benfica is crowned national champions, winning the first two matches of this final (79-58 and 56-48), both of which were held in Bavelão da Luz.

Porto club receives Benfica this afternoon (6 pm), in the third match of the final of the Betclick League, which will be held at the Dragao Arena, in the city of Invicta. BOLA online will follow the classic steps step by step. Come dear reader…

Good evening!