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Ball - Federation elections can be challenged (soccer)

Ball – Federation elections can be challenged (soccer)

The “from two players to two players” nomination, led by Ibrahim Kassameh, a Real Sport football player, announced that he is considering a challenge. elections To head the Professional Footballers Federation (SJPF), which dictated the re-election of Joachim Evangelista, with 98 percent of the vote.

“We would like to inform you that in light of some irregularities that have occurred since the call for the ordinary general assembly and the approval of the accounts for the year 2020 until the date of the elections themselves, we are studying the appeal of the elections,” the statement said. Released on social networks.

The list headed by Ibrahim Kasama claims that “more than five thousand players have been excluded, so that the current electoral list reflects only 11% of the players registered as partners in SJPF, and it is strange that half of them are former players and some acquaintances from. The current leadership ».

We will not oppose anyone’s work, because what we want the most as players is a union that listens to us and does what they have to do for us and for our profession. Nevertheless, as members of the federation and footballers, we demand the institution that represents us to do so in a transparent and legal manner, respecting all public laws, unions and the statute of the institution, ”it can be read.

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