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Ball – Five coaches unanimously agree on the best position for Pedro Gonçalves (Sporting)

Due to the team’s needs in recent matches, Pedro Gonçalves has been playing in midfield alongside Ugarte. Now, with Morita back in competition, is he in this position where Leonine’s No. 28 produces more?

BOLA consulted five coaches – Augusto Inácio, Vítor Manuel, Silas, Tiago Fernandes and Zé Pedro – and all of them bet on the player in front of attack, although they confirmed his quality in any position. They end up understanding Rúben Amorim’s idea in light of the team’s needs.

“Pedro Gonçalves is not in midfield, he is the best up front. In my opinion, in midfield he loses his whole football, he gets much more use out of the winger to score and shoot. A thousand percent better on the offensive front. Ruben Amorim works with the players and knows his solutions. Morita is out, Mateus Fernandez doesn’t catch, Tanlongo starts, Sotiris fails miserably and Isogo appears and disappears. And Ruben Amorim believes that Pedro Gonçalves is the solution, because he played with eight players in Famalicao, but in the middle of the field with three players, in Sporting there are two and he lost, ”defends Augusto Inacio. And he adds, “Since Sporting was a champion, he underestimated the quality of the team and that is why he has difficulties obtaining a balanced squad so as not to feel resentment when losing one or two players.”

For Vitor Manuel, “Pedro Gonçalves is a first-class player.” “Considering his quality, his definition, his assists and his intelligence, because he’s such a good trickster inside the area, I think he’s most useful in the final third. That’s where you feel best. Their influence is crucial, the way you locate, how you attack space, how you read the game. It’s A good rogue in a good way, a mouse from the field. She plays well anywhere, but is deadly in the final third. That was shown in the last game when he came to the front. She makes an impact anywhere, but where she gets more deadly is in the final third, Where the team can reap the most profit. In terms of contingencies, it does well in the middle lane, but it’s not the same thing,” he said.

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