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Ball - Follow the Europa League final between Benfica and Magdeburg (handball)

Ball – Follow the Europa League final between Benfica and Magdeburg (handball)

By playing in the Altice Arena (Lisbon), Benfica is seeking to win the first European Handball Cup in its history. For this, the Eagles will have to beat German Magdeburg (the holders of the competition and chased Sporting in the round of 16) in the Europa League final, which begins at 18:00.

Follow the main game events here:

11′: New exclusion for Benfica. Denis Gregoras (Benfica) misses for two minutes. And at follow-up, Hornek (Madeburg) reduces 6 to 5.

11′: Alexis Borges (Benfica) leaves Benfica for the first time by two goals (6-4).

8′: Alexis Borges (Benfica) reclaims the lead for the Eagles (4-3).

5′: Great save by Sergi Hernandez (Benfica). This is the first time that Magdeburg has not launched an attack.

4 ‘: Tim Horneke (Madeburg) leads the German national team for the first time (3-2).

4′: Yellow card to Kahbowski (Magdeburg). False connection with Rogero Borges.

two’: The first exclusion from the game. Alexis Borges (Benfica) will be absent two minutes after Magnuson’s win. Everyone tied (2-2).

1 ‘: Calman (Benfica) scores! Eagles are the first to open the registration.

18:00: Start the game!

17.58 hours: Rui Costa is in the ward.

17.55 hours: See the lineup of the two teams:

Benfica: Sergi Hernandez, Gustavo Capdevil (goalkeeper), Peloni Moreira, Lazar Kukic, Francisco Pereira, Muhammadu Keita, Jonas Kalman, Carlos Martins, Oli Ramel, Paulo Moreno, Alexis Borges, Rogerio Moraes, Demis Grigoras, Tadig Keljon and Pete Djordich. .

Magdeburg: Mike Jensen, Jannick Green (goalkeeper), Jesley Kristjgenson, Christian O’Sullivan, Marco Bezjak, Matthias Mosch, Daniel Peterson, Tim Horne, Lukas Mertens, Magnus Goldrod, Magnus Sogstrup, Piotr Tchachkowski, Damgar Smärz Magnbe.

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17.45 hours: teams are preparing.