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Ball - FPF reassures Pedro Gonçalves (Sporting)

Ball – FPF reassures Pedro Gonçalves (Sporting)

In the service of the national team, which is preparing in the football city to participate in the European Championship, Pedro Gonçalves saw the public, through the weekly “Novo”, news of the fight against positive doping, regarding the control that took place last season, on July 5, at a time when it was Famalecao is still in it and after a match with Tondela, due to two unknown complaints, it could have triggered an investigation into the alleged corruption of businessman Jorge Pires of five anti-Portuguese members. – Doping Agency, in order to prolong the process and prevent positive control from compromising a possible transfer to a major club, which turned out to be in Sporting’s favor.

Pedro Gonçalves woke up on Friday to the news, but was immediately reassured by the FPF, by the staff of the national team, who assured him that it was not the case and that the top scorer for the tournament should focus 100% on a team. Kinas.

In fact, Triamcinolone’s positive control case has already been closed and with ADoP now demonstrating that the substance was legally ingested, the player announced in doping control form, as well as his club, at the time. It was enough, just clinical evidence, on the spot that he legally entered the player’s body.

A BOLA learns that Pedro Gonçalves is calm and 100 percent focused on helping Portugal in the Euro Championship that starts on June 11th.