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Ball - Fran Navarro: Valencia and the contract until 2024 (Gil Vicente)

Ball – Fran Navarro: Valencia and the contract until 2024 (Gil Vicente)

He’s the guy they’re talking about. In Barcelos as in the Spanish uprising and in the rest of the world of ball. Fran Navarro, 24, has not only scored a beautiful goal at Estádio do Dragão and earned Gil’s tie, but has been shining in the Roosters jersey since he first wore it in July.

With 22 games and 13 goals in this league, the striker, who was born and raised in Valencia, also shows a sharp curve in the price of his passes: he has reached a generation worth 250 thousand euros and, according to experts, has already jumped. to 2 million, which may not be exciting enough for those who invested in it and expect a bigger payoff in an eventual conversion.

Much has already been said about the kid who left the Valencia B team. Alone and by third parties, always as a result of his amazing sporting adventures. But if he continues with this rapid self-promotion, Fran will not remain at Barcelos from June onwards, even with another two years in the works, until 2024. It even makes sense that his work will be recognized by clubs of another dimension. And in this speculative practice, it is strange that the first warnings from Spain began to appear.

After yesterday’s goal in Diogo Costa’s goal, not even his first coaches passed the career of the striker who had no place in the main team stepping on the Mestalla meadow.

According to Goal Media, the highest levels of the club are already preparing for next season, and one of the names on the table bears the title of Navarro, who is seen as capable of replacing the late Maxi Gomez, even as they say the Valencian community. It owns 50% of the player’s economic rights, which could make the deal easier.

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