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Ball - Francisco J. Marquez and the classic roller hockey: “The whistle is dead for FC Porto” (FC Porto)

Ball – Francisco J. Marquez and the classic roller hockey: “The whistle is dead for FC Porto” (FC Porto)

Benfica’s victory over FC Porto (5-3), in the fourth game of the National Roller Hockey Championship, drew some criticism from the refereeing by Dragons. After coach Ricardo Aries voiced his disbelief at the fact that the Eagles made two mistakes in 30 minutes, it was Francisco J. Marquez’s turn to use social networks to think about competitors.

«The Roller Hockey Championship will be decided in black, on Wednesday evening, but Benfica began to interfere in the decisive match immediately after the end of the fourth match, with a traditional reflection of the truth of the facts, after taking advantage of the very nice arbitration. . Ricardo Aris [treinador do FC Porto] He did not comment on the referee, saying only that in just 30 minutes two fouls were sent to Benfica, which would be surprising in a friendly match, not to mention a tense playoff. In the 16th minute, the number of errors was 8-8, which is a natural balance, in keeping with the history of matches between the two teams and even in harmony with the balance between the finalists of the tournament. Since then, the FC Porto whistle blew and was released for Benfica. FC Porto was winning 1-0 and a series of only one-sided errors started, Benfica took advantage of the 10th error to equalize. A new feature for our team and another set of errors for Benfica, who tied the 15th foul with a direct free kick. In 15 minutes of play, he scored 7-0 in fouls, 8-8 after the first 16 minutes. Even after 21 minutes, Benfica’s ninth foul arrived, when the score was already 4-2. Only those who have never watched a hockey game before can find this normal.”

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Porto’s director of communications also spoke about the situation at half-time in Pavelhao da Luz, where Luis Seneca, president of the Portuguese Ski Federation, had to leave the presidential podium after tensions flared with fans.

“Speaking of watching hockey matches, Luis Seneca, president of the Ski Association, can come to the Dragao Arena to watch the decisive match, because he will not be abused or disturbed. And he concluded by saying that our fans, as usual, will be unprecedented in supporting the team.”