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Ball – Frederico Varandas attacks Vieira and Benfica sad and leaves a “message” to Rui Costa: “We will fight against this disgust like Apito Dourado” (Sporting)

Ball – Frederico Varandas attacks Vieira and Benfica sad and leaves a “message” to Rui Costa: “We will fight against this disgust like Apito Dourado” (Sporting)

Interview with Sporting TV – Frederico Varandas in court cases involving Benfica:

With all due respect to the Public Prosecution Service, we agree with everything in the indictment [do processo César Boaventura], but lacks the “mystery” focus, accusing the messenger rather than the mastermind of this organized crime scheme. As such, we will request an investigation, after we have analyzed the process very carefully, as this is not a heated decision.”

«The deputy considers that Cesar Boaventura feels ready, on his own initiative, to spend 480,000 euros for his team to win… This makes no sense to anyone. The two main beneficiaries, Luis Philippe Vieira and Benfica SAD, were not charged. It is a mistake that we hope to correct, as it is one of several operations on the agenda … »

«[Caso E-toupeira] Paulo Gonçalves was a legal advisor and was the right-hand man of Luis Felipe Vieira… About Paulo Gonçalves, one cannot say what the deputy of Cesar Boaventura, who had no positions in the Algerian Communist Party… »

“Some time ago, another Marítimo player appeared, complaining that someone had offered him money before a match with Benfica. Is there any conspiracy by football agents against Benfica? I repeat, the main piece is not here … “

“And there is the blue bag, the club that has a fraudulent billing scheme to release more than €1 million in cash. Why? I already understood that SAD Benfica would be accused of tax evasion, but I hope it will not stop there. What was the money for? Juventus, already signed in the past for sporting corruption, has now lost 15 points due to tax fraud and manipulation of financial results and all administrators have been suspended.

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“Sporting was one of the main victims and will fight in court against this disgust that is not unlike Apito Dourado 20 years ago and which can have no place in Portuguese football. I hope that there is no club inflammation and that justice is not afraid of club inflammation. 20 years ago Years we had one of the greatest embarrassments with real listening, a chief corrupted the referees and offered prostitutes. And no court would make me change my mind, this gentleman can lead nothing from a sporting point of view. And again these cases pass through raindrops.”

I think President Rui Costa wasn’t involved and didn’t know what was going on, but now he does. And it is not enough to say that we are different, we have to show it with actions, regardless of whether we win or lose. I don’t agree when Rui Costa says that fans should be immune to external noise, because it is deafening as well as internal noise. President Rui Costa knows what he has to do.”

“I’d rather never win than win these charts.”

“Sporting is an assistant in all cases, except for Sakho Azul because since the accusation is tax fraud and not sports corruption, Sporting cannot act as an assistant.”

“I want to believe that justice in this country works and does not fear, whether it is Benfica, whether it is FC Porto, whether it is Sporting. The Premier League, which everyone says is the best, does not have Cesar Boaventura, does not have Paolo Gonçalves, and there are no presidents who spoil Referees.”

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