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Ball - full nominations for the 32nd round (arbitration)

Ball – full nominations for the 32nd round (arbitration)

The Arbitration Board of the Portuguese Football Association announced, on Saturday, all nominations for the 32nd round of the league

Bacchus de Ferreira Marittimo
Referee: Joao Pinheiro
Assistants: Thiago Costa and Nono Eras
Fourth referee: Roy Lima
Hugo Miguel / AVAR: Bruno Jesus

Gil Vicente Braga
Referee: Andre Narciso
Assistants: Paulo Bras and Marco Vieira
Fourth referee: Joao Malhero Pinto
VAR: Vasco Santos / AVAR: Joao Pisa Silva

Referee: Fabio Verissimo
Assistants: Bruno Rodriguez and Pedro Martins
Fourth referee: Flavio Lima
VAR: Vasco Santos / AVAR: Joao Pisa Silva

Porto Farnes
Referee: Thiago Martins
Helpers: Pedro Motta and Hugo Ribeiro
Fourth referee: Claudio Pereira
Video technology: Nuno Almeida / Avar: Andre Campos

Santa Clara Rio Ave.
Referee: Hugo Miguel
Assistants: Bruno Jesus and Ricardo Santos
Fourth referee: Ricardo Baixinho
Video Assistive Technology: Gustavo Correa / AVAR: InĂ¡cio Pereira

The melancholy of Tondella Pilensens
Referee: Iancu Vasilika
Audience: Nelson Cunha and Thiago Motta
Fourth referee: Joao Cassegas
Video technology: Hugo Silva / AVAR: Nelson Pereira

National Benfica
Referee: Rui Costa
The two assistants: Nuno Manso and Alvaro Misquita
Fourth referee: David Silva
Video Assistive Technology: Andre Narciso / Avar: Paulo Bras

Sporting Boavista
Referee: Luis Godinho
Assistants: Roy Teixeira and Valter Ruffo
Fourth referee: Denis Gurgau
Video Assistive Technology: Bruno Estevez / AVAR: Roy Sidad

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