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Ball – Goal for Ugarte’s place in AZ Alkmaar: What we know (Sporting)

Ball – Goal for Ugarte’s place in AZ Alkmaar: What we know (Sporting)

He is one of the names on the Lions’ table, one of the players indicated as a potential replacement for Manuel Ugarte who, as we know, will sooner or later become official as a PSG reinforcement.

Tijjani Rejenderes, a versatile midfielder who can be more positional and defensive or occupy more advanced areas on the ground, is a player with characteristics that please the Lions and especially Ruben Amorim. He is 24 years old, this season in the service of AZ Alkmaar, he played, scored and assisted like never in his career and his development was closely tracked by the Lyonen official.

Great investment
As reported by our newspaper, at the moment all the attention of Leonine officials is focused on hiring Victor Giocres. All the other positions (midfielder and right-back) to be consolidated in the squad have progressed very slowly, with Sporting investigating several targets to see under what circumstances they could save them. But if he advances to Reijnders, the Lions will have to open the strings of the bag, because they are not alone in the race and AZ Alkmaar asks for several million euros to reach to negotiate with the player who has a contract until 2027 (renewed in January this year).

Indeed, in Italy, Milan is also said to be interested in playing football, as are Sporting and other English clubs and AZ Alkmaar has already rejected proposals of €14m.

If it is on the site Market transfer The value of the midfielder is 8 million euros, and the managers of the Dutch club are asking for nearly 18 million euros to negotiate with a player who played a leading role last season, helping the team to occupy fourth place in the league and dream of winning. Conference League (they were eliminated in the semi-finals by West Ham, who won the title over Fiorentina).

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Sporting naturally have a specific budget for investing in the team and a large part of it will go to Victor Geocris. So, in addition to Tijani Reijnders, he has other targets set for the midfield which will mean a smaller investment in terms of what AZ Alkmaar is asking for in the midfielder.