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Ball - Gonzalo Estevez and the change from FC Porto: “Robin Amorim called my parents” (Sporting)

Ball – Gonzalo Estevez and the change from FC Porto: “Robin Amorim called my parents” (Sporting)

Gonzalo Estevez, a young Leo winger at just 18 years old, is the latest guest on ADN Leão, on a show with good moods and games from start to finish. From his first steps at FC Porto to his confirmation at Ruben Amorim, Gonzalo Esteves recalled many childhood stories and some episodes with his Leonine teammates.

“Until recently, I had to get my parents’ permission to travel, and now I’m only going to start getting my driver’s license. It was a great integration into the team. From everything. It was a big responsibility to come to Sporting. A guide in the group? At first why did not I was opening up too much and couldn’t get in together (laughs). I grabbed the upper locker room,” cemented the side, on a program in which his teammate Dario Isogo, in a joking tone, needed to make peace after a lunch in which the midfielder did not appear.

Gonzalo Estevez, who is not a footballer, has other passions, including music. The side showed his piano skills and on this occasion revealed his desire to participate in the talent competition. Always in a good mood, Gonzalo Esteves took the opportunity to show his piano skills to… Manuel Mora dos Santos, a well-known athlete and one of the referees for Got Talent Portugal.

Regarding his move to Alvalade, Goncalo Esteves has made no secret of his satisfaction with the choice of Lions Club over FC Porto. “What made me come to Sporting? The chances that I would have, the master called my father … to ask permission to attend (laughs). I told them I had a talent. And when such opportunities arise. At FC Porto, I was in the junior ranks and was going to continue and went straight to the A-team in the league. I was not afraid or hesitant. Sometimes I doubt myself, but if you know that you are good at what you do, if you do well, you know that everything will turn out for the better. I’m happy here.”

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