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Ball - Gonzalo Ramos: From an unexplained night to comparisons with the Bayern Munich star (Benfica)

Ball – Gonzalo Ramos: From an unexplained night to comparisons with the Bayern Munich star (Benfica)

Goncalo Ramos spoke to the UEFA website in the Champions League quarter-final waiting room, against Liverpool. The 20-year-old striker, who has never stopped talking about Reds’ ambition, relived his first-team debut and revealed an intriguing comparison to his playing style.

“I think I have some similarities with him and he is also an example for me. Looking at what I do and what he does, I like to be compared to him. He is a position in which I feel comfortable in the match. I have always played,” said Goncalo Ramos, referring to Germany’s Thomas Muller, from Bayern Munich. In this position since I started.

“I love being involved in the game, and I think that brings out the best in me, which is my competitiveness, my desire to work to help my teammates; as well as my intelligence when it comes to being positioned in the team and organizing it,” the humble young striker explained when asked about his growing influence in the team: “I wouldn’t say A lot, but it is an honor and a dream – as it has always been – to play for Benfica, especially at a time when we have not achieved our main objective of fighting for the title, which we know is not easy, it is good to be able to contribute by doing my best.”

“Playing in the first team is a pride. It is an example for the kids who are just starting to look at me and their other teammates – like Paulo [Bernardo]Morato and Thomas [Aráujo] – And see that it is possible, with a lot of work and belief in ourselves”, he emphasized.

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Gonzalo Ramos also spoke of Nelson Verissimo, who also worked with him in forming the club: “It’s good to have someone who knows us so well, not only on the pitch, but also off the field. It’s good to feel that, it makes me comfortable and I’m happy that things are going.” Fine “.

And he remembered his first appearance in the first team, in June 2020, with two goals against Aves: “I was far from thinking about it, and suddenly, my first touch was a goal and I didn’t even comprehend the first goal and I already scored the second… I still can’t explain what It happened that night!”

In the end, he did not fail to tackle the confrontation against Liverpool: “It is a difficult task. They are one of the best teams in the world. There is not much to say about Liverpool, but we are here and that means we can eliminate any team.”