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Ball – Grimaldo and Conceicao: Two Brief Notes on Disrespect (Opinion)

Ball – Grimaldo and Conceicao: Two Brief Notes on Disrespect (Opinion)

Sergio Conceicao He may have many qualities as a coach and as a human being, but none of them give him the right to act as a professional in FC Porto matches. The adrenaline and emotions of football cannot be an excuse for constant confrontation and a frequent lack of respect for referees and opponents. If we all already realize that the coach of FC Porto has no mods and that his club encourages and supports this kind of behaviour, surely because it sees itself in it (starting with Luis Gonçalves’ permanent case of hysteria), one wonders even when the official cases of Portuguese football will allow this. Shame or solve it with pocket penalties, based on the primary school tournament regulations, set by the clubs themselves (of course). All of this is there, all of this is sad, all of this is fado, yes, but all of this cannot go unpunished as if it were “normal” only because Sergio Conceicao is “so”. Someone to get their hands on this.

He has Grimaldo The right to choose what he wants for his career in terms of salary and sports. It should also be noted that Grimaldo did not leave a drop of sweat for his fall with the Benfica shirt, but this does not give him the right. From choosing the timing in a very disrespectful way to announce the new tournament, with Benfica in the thick of the title fight and days away from a decisive derby. Can’t Grimaldo (and Leverkusen) wait a week or two, let the season finish? It will make no difference to you, but it will make a difference to the Incarnate Nation, starting with the masses. Grimaldo says Benfica is the club of his life. no not like that. It’s the life club for all those millions who didn’t respect Monday. And any one of them can explain why. It’s all out there, it’s all sad, it’s all fado, yes, but it all doesn’t have to be so demeaning.

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