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Ball - Grimaldo linked to Atletico Madrid (Benfica)

Ball – Grimaldo linked to Atletico Madrid (Benfica)

Alex Grimaldo strengthened himself as the king of assists in the tournament, bypassing the competition and reaching eight assists in goals: against Portimonense on two occasions, he provided the decisive moment, first to Betzi (at 1-1) and then to Severovi (4-1).

With six rounds remaining, Grimaldo is still far from his best season in terms of assists: In 2018/2019, the last season in which the Reds won the title, the Spanish defender reached 12 assists that turned into a goal-only tournament. At the time, he was not the best because Betzi was ahead of him with 18 assists (he was the best in Europe), followed by Bruno Fernandez (14 assists in Sporting). Hence, it is the second best season in Spain, having already crossed six last season.

The data, to which two other league goals were added, appears this Sunday, most notably in the electronic version of the newspaper AS, which confirms: “The high level of the Spanish team caused his name to be linked to Atletico Madrid again. . »

Remember, Grimaldo achieves Season 6 from Eagle to Chest and has a contract until 2023.

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