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Ball - Happy to smash Switzerland's indomitable power, Luis Enrique highlights 18-year-old (Spain)

Ball – Happy to smash Switzerland’s indomitable power, Luis Enrique highlights 18-year-old (Spain)

After winning victory away from home in Switzerland, with just one goal from ex-sportsman Sarabia, so early in the first half, Luis Enrique commented on a result that places the Spaniards as Portugal’s most direct pursuers in Group B of the Nations League. .

The Spanish coach highlighted the achievement of his team in the direct relationship with the Swiss strength in their fields.

“I am happy for the spirit and the behavior of the players. It was a positive match that gave us the possibility to rely on ourselves. This Switzerland has not been defeated for eight years, there have been 23 unbeaten matches at home and we were able to come here and win. Winning away costs a lot!”, highlighted the Spanish coach. Light on summarizing the exciting confrontations cycle.

“The match against Portugal was at a very high level but we controlled it. It was very difficult against the Czech Republic, they closed a lot and there were no places. Switzerland is a great team, they qualified for the World Cup and we had to play a great game to win them. Now the most important thing is that we are excited. To face the Czech Republic in Malaga”, the Spanish coach rated the lack of deflation in praise of the 18-year-old Jaffe who started in three consecutive Nations League matches.

“I don’t think anyone can say they don’t like Gavi. We have to hope it stays the same. He’s still a boy. He has a personality made to play football. I only repeated three players in these three games, which is rare for me. But Gavi can He plays 16 games in a row”, he revealed, praising the Catalan midfielder, who strongly sponsored Luis Enrique in la ruga.