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Ball - Henderson refused to train and accused Manchester United: "He was a criminal" (England).

Ball – Henderson refused to train and accused Manchester United: “He was a criminal” (England).

On loan to Nottingham Forest from Manchester United, Dean Henderson has made no secret of his displeasure with Red Devils. In an interview with sport talkThe 25-year-old goalkeeper has left heavy criticism to club officials.

“The conversation they had with me at the beginning of the season was that I had just gone to the European Championships and I will be back [esteve cedido ao Sheffield United] To be the starting goalkeeper. I contracted Covid-19 and it seems that all the promises are gone. It was frustrating, I turned down many loan offers over the summer for this reason, and they didn’t want to let me go. I ended up wasting 12 months with no competition, it was criminal for a goalkeeper my age, I was angry,” he said.

Remember, David de Gea was Manchester United’s starter last season with 46 games, leaving Henderson just three. In order to avoid a similar situation, the Guardian refused to train or speak with Erich Ten Hag, to force her out.

“I didn’t want to talk to the new coach because I knew he would probably say he wanted me. I didn’t even think about coaching. I was very clear and told the managers that I needed to play, and I wouldn’t stay as a substitute,” he concluded.

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