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Ball - Historic Agreement: Union equals men's and women's wages (USA)

Ball – Historic Agreement: Union equals men’s and women’s wages (USA)

United States Football Association (FootballOn Wednesday, she announced a landmark agreement that will allow women to earn equal pay as men on the national team.

The USA became the first in the world to match the World Cup prizes for women’s and men’s teams for their participation in the competition.

Cindy Barlow Cohn, president of the US Soccer Federation, was proud of the decision: “It’s a truly historic moment. These agreements changed football forever here in the United States and have the potential to change it around the world.”

“I am grateful for the commitment and collaboration of the men’s and women’s national teams and I am so proud of the hard work that has allowed us to reach this moment. Anyone who cares about our sport should share this pride,” Cindy Barlow-Kun continued.

This landmark agreement covers aspects such as “equal pay for equal work”, “benefits for the national team”, “better playing and training environments”, “more benefits (insurance, paternity leave and short-term disability)”, “offers from 2028” and The effect of ratification on resolving wage equality claims.

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