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Ball - «I am a little crazy, sometimes a fool» (Palmeiras)

Ball – «I am a little crazy, sometimes a fool» (Palmeiras)

Abel Ferreira, Palmeiras coach, talked about the modifications he made during the victory over Chapecoense (2-0), and reflected the position of defenders Gustavo Gomez and Luan, who played with the right and left runners, respectively.

“I’m kinda crazy, a young coach who loves to do things out of the box, makes mistakes, loses and is sometimes an idiot. I know what I’m doing, where I come from, where I’m from, what I want, where I want to go and the players believe in me. That’s the most important. When The player is good, the collective idea is good, and the players can play in any position,” he said at the end of the match, happy that Palmeiras had fulfilled his “commitment to win the match.”

Having finished another trip in Brazil, the Portuguese coach refers to the batteries for the duel with Atletico Mineiro, next Wednesday, referring to the “going” of the Libertadores Cup semi-final.

“We will face an opponent for everyone, who is the favorite – they have already given it to the other opponent in the final. Let’s compete, that’s what we do. It’s a two-game tie, so let’s be humble, and apply our collective qualities and strength.”

“We have our ambitions, but no one doubts that the opponent is the favourite, for what he invested, for what he spent and is still spending. But we want to be in the final as much as we want to be in the final like our opponent and we will use the weapons we have to get there,” he said.

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