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Ball - "I didn't mind warming up the bench in Barcelona" (Spain)

Ball – “I didn’t mind warming up the bench in Barcelona” (Spain)

Alex Song has revealed that he was always spending more than he could at Arsenal and that he didn’t want to know when he went to Barcelona even though he knew he would play a little. The salary makes up for everything.

“Most players live beyond their means. I have been at Arsenal for eight years, but I have only started to make good profits in the last four years. My salary has gone up a lot, but I also realized that I liked it very much. When I arrived I was earning 15,000 euros a week. I was young I was very excited,” the player said on Instagram.

The midfielder revealed more details about what he did with his money: “I was going to go train with Thierry Henry, the King, and he’d arrive in a car that looked like a real gem. I told him I wanted one just like her. I went to the agency, signed the loan papers, and then I got the same King’s car, but had to return it two months later. I was spending all my money on gas. I had to order a Toyota because that car was too much for me.”

Song later explained how his life changed when he joined Arsenal: “When Barcelona offered me a contract and I saw how much I would earn, I didn’t even think twice. I felt that my wife and children should lead a comfortable life when my career ended. I spoke to the Barcelona manager and he told me he wouldn’t play much. , but I didn’t care. I knew I was going to be a millionaire. I didn’t mind going to warm the bank at Camp Nou, because of the money I was going to receive.”

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