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Ball - “I feel proud that Benfica is that too” (Photos) (Benfica)

Ball – “I feel proud that Benfica is that too” (Photos) (Benfica)

The Benfica president started work and no player, coach or transfer negotiations were at stake. Rather, a solidarity drive to help the Ukrainian people was bigger and more urgent, one that was getting fatter every minute in one of the outdoor car parks in Estádio da Luz.

The space ordinarily reserved for the entry of the opposing fans in the Red House was, this time, a friendly space, reserved for a factory full of little ants, which passed from arm to arm, producing by product and box by product, with the thought of a folk dealing with many privations. Rui Costa also offered his efforts. Roy and his wife Sandra as well as former captain Luisao and Fernando Ceará, chairman of the board of directors of AG.

The small hem replaces the jacket or suit coat with the volunteer jacket and help Ukraine as much as they can. It was important to participate, to show your face through an initiative that combines familiar and unknown faces, such as Fatima Lopez, José Figueras or Andrea Rodriguez, who represent SIC Esperança, partner of the Benfica Foundation in this noble work.

Yesterday there was a truck in Carrigado loaded with more than 20 tons, in Luz two more are being loaded at the end of the afternoon – the goal is to reach five -, they must leave tomorrow towards Poland, where they will leave tons of aid.

“We are all happy to contribute to this work and I am very proud of our foundation that took the initiative to contribute to this cause. My thanks also to Benfica houses around the world. We are always ready to help. It is a goal for all of us, but more than just a goal, it is an important game in everyone’s life”, he began Explained by Rui Costa.

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“We will all leave here happier, because in some way we feel that we are contributing to a cause like this, something that is no longer imaginable in this century for any of us. What we can do to help those who need it most gives us great satisfaction”, added the chief Benfica, who arrived shortly after 4 pm and stayed in the tent until late afternoon, sorting and loading cans and parcels outside the organization’s orders.

He walked several meters around the giant table that was carrying the burden and sweating, because helping Ukraine, at the moment, was hard work. “I intentionally created time in the agenda to be here, to be able to contribute and I am here with pleasure. Our foundation is here, but it is not necessary for Benfica citizen Rui Costa to be involved to get involved. As president, with the participation of Fundação Benfica and Benfica Houses, I feel proud Because Benfica is that too. He stressed that we not only have a sporting responsibility, but we also have a social responsibility.”

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