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Ball - “I had coaches who were good in tactics, but in human relations ...” (Manchester City)

Ball – “I had coaches who were good in tactics, but in human relations …” (Manchester City)

Bernardo Silva is, today, considered one of the pillars of Manchester City as well as the national team. In a fascinating interview with Expresso’s E magazine, the attacking midfielder spoke about what sets Pep Guardiola apart from other coaches.

“I think Guardiola has a little bit of everything. It’s very complete. I won’t give names, but I have already discovered coaches who are very good tactically and who later on become very weak in human relations; or very good in human relations and very weak tactically. I think Guardiola’s greatest strength is that in addition to being a player of a very high level, which gives him perspective on how we feel, his technical team is very strong.

Of course, there are always players who don’t like him and others who like him, but that’s like nothing else. No coach has all 25 players by his side, it’s very difficult. Getting the tactical part, the human part, and managing the locker room is no easy feat. Even in a strong team like ours, it costs most players 50, 60, 70, 80 million. He has managed to keep players who have cost a lot of games on the bench and until then there are no big problems… I think that shows how good he is in managing the changing rooms”, confirmed the 20th player of the English champions.

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