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Ball - “I thought the referee would show me the color red” (Football)

Ball – “I thought the referee would show me the color red” (Football)

The game of football is not like that, even if it often isn’t. Either in the Champions League or in the region. Very important when compared to other redundant things, irrelevant when placed next to what is really important. As human life above all else. Luis Rodriguez says so. The AC Travanca goalkeeper, who has been playing for many years and no matter what level, will not have a better defense than he did on Thursday, when his side greeted JD Parada and both of them were still fighting for promotion in the top flight. Viseu, in the hero qualification stage.

The match in Estádio do Ribeiro, in Travanca de Bodiosa, in Viseu, was approaching the 90th minute and the score was 2-2 (no longer changed) when a fan of the visiting team felt bad in the improvised stands – the matches did not have an audience, but out of place there A hill, in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe pine forest, through which fans are distributed to watch. People who were nearby immediately tried to help the aforementioned supporter, but without training in doing so and fearing to complicate the situation, they urgently called Luis Rodriguez.

“I started hearing my name screaming and when I saw someone on their knees it was hard, it was instinctive. I left the goal and ran to help. At first, no one realized what was going on. Not my teammates, nor the coach, nor the referee, who later stopped the match It was a 32-year-old male who had a seizure. He had just had a seizure and was disoriented and normal. I did the assessment, helped stabilize and gave directions on how to proceed in case of a new seizure, until the ambulance arrived. I did what was I have to do, it’s my day to this day. You’ve arrived at the hospital stable and the important thing is that you’re fine,” A BOLA told the ranger, part of Viseu’s volunteer firefighters, as an emergency ambulance crew, which is why he was called.

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When he returned to the field, to resume the match, he had a surprise. “When I saw the referee approach me and put his hand in his pocket, I really thought he would fire me because I left the field like this, but no. He told me: This is just a symbolic act, but fair. And he showed me the white card ”, he recalls. It is a pedagogical card aimed at recognizing situations and relevant ethical behaviors and their visibility (acts of fair play, after all) on the part of various sports agents.

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