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Ball - "I wasn't as qualified as Marco Silva and Marcel Keizer" (FC Porto)

Ball – “I wasn’t as qualified as Marco Silva and Marcel Keizer” (FC Porto)

Sergio Conceicao spoke, Friday, to SportTV, in a preview of the Portuguese Cup final. The FC Porto coach wants to win the cup for the first time at the Estadio Nacional.

“I hope that my players and I can achieve this happiness. As a Porto player, I was fortunate enough to win the cup [1997/98]but then in the other two I was not as qualified as my colleagues like Marco Silva [2014/15, pelo SC Braga] and Marcel Kaiser [2018/19, pelo FC Porto]. Now I have to try to be a little better than Nuno Campos, my players for Tondela, and lift the Portuguese Cup, which is our main goal. We respect them a lot and worked hard on penalties, because anything can happen,” he explained.

The Dragon Trainer also left a warning about the crowd’s overconfidence.

“We’re confident of course, but we doubt what Tondela can do. It’s split apart, but there’s an interesting team quality and dynamic. It will also take a very good match from an emotional point of view, because I’ve heard all week that things are done, that FC Porto He has already won the double. It’s not quite the case and I’m warning all the fans that the celebrations are over, if we win the Portuguese Cup”, he said.

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