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Ball - “If I say I think I am a great liar” (Famalicão)

Ball – “If I say I think I am a great liar” (Famalicão)

Emma Vieira, the coach of Famalecoa, admitted his surprise to enter the last round, against Moreirense, with the possibility of achieving qualification for the European Union competitions, the Confederation League. To that end, the Famalicenses will have to conquer Moreirense and hope to defeat V. Guimarães and Santa Clara.

“If he says he thinks he’s a great liar. Obviously what has been suggested to me, given the position Famalicão was in at the time, was to get out of the position he was in. That was the priority. It was a goal we achieved. After adding the points, it would have been possible, at this point, that there would have been such a possibility, but apparently I hadn’t imagined that this could happen, ”the coach said, leaving the” recipe “for this match with Moreirense:

“We will always leave greed and strive for ambition. This is what drives us to the last game. We want to be able to add the three points. And that is the only thing at stake. Before what happens, he can give us one situation or another. But don’t get into the issue of greed, because we don’t know what other people will do. But being ambitious about what we want and what we can do, which is winning our game. The rest is what the schedule dictates. »

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